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Dohee for Maxim Korea

Оригинал взят у in_noctem в Dohee for Maxim Korea

Dohee, who is currently playing the character of Yoon Jin in the popular tvN drama, “Reply 1994” recently took a sexy and rather un”Yoon Jin”-like pictorial for Maxim for the December issue.

During a small interview, when asked about who would be her ideal man, Dohee answered, “Before, I used to like someone who was very caring and attentive. Now that I’m 20 years old, I like tough men. Like those who have such big muscles in their arms that the muscles will never disappear or become loose!” and laughingly continued, “And like when a doctor injects a shot into that muscle, blood will automatically come through with no difficulty!”

The singer and actress also said, “And sometimes, I prefer to hear that I’m pretty, rather than being cute because after all, I am a girl too.”

source: soompi + maxim korea + tiny_g

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